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Fessmann is leading in smoking technologies with high quality standard, founded by Wilhelm Fessmann in 1924. For 90 years now and with a distinctive pioneering spirit, unfailing power of innovation and unconditional customer focus, FESSMANN has been supplying plants for processing meat, sausage and fish products. The advantages of FESSMANN plants can be summed up in three key phrases: Less weight loss, fast process times and high profitability. Our customers appreciate above all the consistently reliable product conditions, their constant shape and quality and their uniform taste.

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Fessmann is leading in smoking technologies for processing meat, sausage and fish products with high quality standard.

FESSMANN systems offer more

We refine food for more than 90 years, we have been producing systems for processing and refining meat, sausage and fish. We do this in our family-owned company with a strong pioneering spirit, inexhaustible innovation power and unconditional customer orientation.

Our solutions offer less weight loss, short process times and best economic efficiency. Our customers most of all value the continually reproducible form and quality, as well as the uniform flavour.

Smoke house TI3000

Smoke house TI3000

With the Ti 3000 industrial system, you get over 1.5% more yield as compared to other systems and that with proven FESSMANN quality as well. Completely made of stainless steel and produced in panel construction, the Ti 3000 is universal and can be employed according to your specific requirements. The central unit technology also makes it fl exible and cost saving including the highest circulating air capacity with short process times.

TF and TFI3000

TF and TFI3000

• Production just-iProduction just-in-time, controllable process with reproducible processing sequence
• Substantially lower germ formation and con- tamination − thereby longer shelf-life
• Automatic transport system in the system
• Production, packaging and delivery within the shortest time



• Completely made of stainless steel with low overall height
• Automatic cleaning as standard
• Different kinds of heating to select from
• Optionally with climatic package for optimal maturing
• Two to three-stage turbine fan for uniform smoking climate in the entire system and the best smoking results

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71364 Winnenden

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Hans Heppner
Sales Director

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